Warning -- You Need to Cure Your Sleep Medication Addiction Now. Here's Why...

Published: 10th April 2009
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Do you have sleep medication addiction? Have you ever tried to stop taking sleeping pills after being on them for a while? Not so easy is it? In fact you may believe that you'll never have a decent sleep again without your pills. You probably know that taking sleep medication long term can be harmful to your health, yet you take it anyway because you're too scared to stop. Well I'm here to tell you that can stop and it can be easier than you think.

Here are five reasons to motivate you to kick this dangerous practice so you may be healthier and actually enjoy better sleep.

1 ~ These sleep medications are highly addictive. Just try to stop taking them for one night if you don't believe me. After that little experiment you may think you'll never be able to kick the sleeping pill habit. Well you can - you need the right mindset and the right alternative sleep medications, but it can be done.

2 ~ After a short while your body will develop a tolerance for the medication and you'll need to take more to have the same effect. There is a real danger of overdose from taking over the prescribed amount. After a while even the maximum dose will not work. Where do you go then?

3 ~ Sleep medication damages your wallet as well as your health. Have you noticed how you seem to be paying more for these things each time you buy them? Some sleeping pills cost around $100 per prescription! Can you think of something better to do with your hard earned money?

4 ~ Be very careful if you are taking other medications. Some sleeping pills can have results that are contra-indicative to other medicines. Translated that means you can get very sick by taking the two together. Make sure you tell your doctor or pharmacist what else you are taking if you're buying any sleep medication. Even better, just stop taking sleeping pills so you can stop worrying.

5 ~ Do you feel like a zombie during the day? Do you know that the hangover effect from some sleep medications is worse than having a bad night's sleep? One of the main reasons we strive for a good night's sleep is so we can feel great the next day. So why take pills that make you feel drowsy for most of the day. Doesn't make sense, does it?

6 ~ This is the real reason to stop taking sleep medications. Your sleep quality is not as good when you take pills. Sleeping pills are NOT a cure for insomnia in fact they can make it worse. Not many people realize this and are scared to stop taking the pills in case they never sleep again.

This is not true and is the big lie that keeps people taking these pills every night. Once you've banished this fear, you'll be ready to rid yourself of sleep medication and enjoy natural healthy sleep again!

Well that was six reasons instead of five. The point is there's ALWAYS a good reason to get rid of sleep medication addiction. Don't be a slave to the sleeping pills any longer.


If you think you'll never be able to sleep again without pills, be assured that you can stop taking them and it may be easier and quicker than you think. Come and see me at: Sleep Medication Addiction to find out how. Wendy Owen (HH Dip) is a holistic health therapist and sleep researcher with an extensive knowledge in homeopathic and herbal remedies.

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