Puppy Health - The Do's and Don't's

Published: 23rd February 2010
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A puppy can be so adorable that you might take one back to your house before you realize what you're doing. Because you were, after all, seeing those cute puppy dog eyes, and not thinking too much about how you're going to look after him. Even though having a puppy and maintaining that puppy's health is a big responsibility, that doesn't mean it has to be difficult. Here are some guidelines in regards to your puppy's health:

Puppy nutrition.

There are so many different puppy foods out there, how do you know which one to choose? Spend a little time doing research in the beginning to find the best food for puppy. The ingredients should be ones that you would eat, such as meat and vegetables, and not grain fillers and by-products that make digestion hard for your puppy. Always make sure there is plenty of clean water for him to drink.

Puppies need plenty of affection. This is easy when they are small and cute but they will grow larger and some people, especially children, may lose interest. Dogs that don't get enough attention can become bored and start digging up your garden or chewing your valuable possessions. create quality time with your pup and always provide enough toys to keep him occupied.

Puppies require exercise that is physical, like playing with other puppies and running around, and exercise that is mental such as hide and seek and fetching a ball. Playing with your puppy is a great way to give him (and you!) the exercise he needs. Play ball with your pup, training him to fetch and drop, guess who'll get tired first! Walking your puppy not only provides exercise, but also teaches him to walk, stop and sit on command.

Look after your puppy's teeth by brushing them and giving them raw bones to chew. Get them used to teeth brushing, nail clipping, and brushing when they're young. You'll thank yourself later!

Your puppy will need to go to the vet for his vaccinations and checkups. Find a good vet upon recommendation and take your puppy in on a pre-determined schedule. Most vets will send you a reminder when the next appointment is due if you ask them to.

You now know that owning a healthy puppy is quite easy. Simply keep him safe, stick to a schedule of check-ups and vaccinations and source the best puppy foods you can find and you should have many years of companionship with your new best friend.


Thinking about having a puppy in your life? Puppies are great companions but they are also a long term commitment. Find out more about how to look after your puppy or dog using natural methods at holistic dog health written by a holistic health therapist: Wendy Owen (HH Dip)

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